Travel Tips for Bogota, Colombia

Bogota is a great city to see, and there are various sights and activities have fun with while you are now there. Its central mountain, Monserrate, provides spectacular landscapes of bogota women the city. Also you can visit the Platinum Museum, containing one of the greatest collections of pre-Hispanic money work in the earth. Old Bogota is also a fantastic place to check out, and it is close to the Congress and presidential palace.

If you plan to walk a lot in Bogota, make sure to avoid walking by themselves at night and stick to well-traveled areas. Additionally it is best to travel and leisure in groupings. It’s also important to realize that Uber is usually illegal in Colombia, although it’s a wise decision if you’re uncertain about your natural environment. Be aware of the surroundings and do not flash expensive jewelry or other valuables. If you are caught within an uncomfortable situation, mixture bottled water with tap water so that you can avoid producing unnecessary bathroom trips.

The best place to drink while you’re in Bogota is the Masaya Hostel. It has the cheap, contains a good observe of the town, and offers cost-free, substantial breakfasts. Several charging located near many points of interest and activities, and is an excellent place to advantages Colombian lifestyle.

One of the city’s most interesting landmarks is the imposing Monserrate, which stands over 10, 000 feet above the city. It truly is home to a church focused on the local heureux El Senor Caido. Hikers can walk the 1 . 5-mile trail from Bogota, or perhaps take a teleferico or funicular railway to achieve the mountaintop. Another must-see is the Sodium Cathedral, which can be located one hundred and eighty meters underground.

If you want to find out the city’s scenery, it’s best to approach your trip in the day. The weather is often warm, yet rainy times can be a annoyance. The driest months happen to be December to March. You’ll also want to avoid traveling during rush hour, as this is when traffic may be the worst. Also, don’t forget to pack up extra layers – rain jackets and boots are essential.

The city’s colonial centre is atmospheric and filled with contrasts. From modern shopping malls to makeshift shanties, high-rise buildings and colonial church buildings, there is a regarding contrasts to behold. The National Capitol, the Teatro Intestinal, and the Countrywide Theater are just a some of the places to visit. Also you can check out the Exposición Botero, which is the city’s art museum, or the Pinacoteca del Oro, which exhibits pre-Columbian golden. The 17th-century San Francisco Religious organization is an important milestone, and the city’s houses of congress were finished in 1926.

The city is also inexpensive, so you can conveniently visit Bogota on a budget of $25-30 every day. You can find low-cost hostels, have public transportation, and enjoy a lot of free activities. For foodstuff, try eating for one of the low cost local restaurants. You can also try Couchsurfing to look for local website hosts and learn more about the city.