Methods for Staying Safe on Your local craigslist ads

If you are buying or selling items on-line, you need to be careful. Many people are scammed on Craigslist ads. These tips will let you stay safe.

Use a secure email. You should never provide your proper email address to a stranger. Persons can easily make use of fake details to steal your identification. They can also get credit cards in the name. It could better to be safe than sorry.

Never accept a check for more than you would like to buy. Con artists often give you a money buy that genuine a real check. Make sure you possess cash available. This is the most secure form of repayment.

Bring an associate or relative with you. Appointment a stranger in person may be intimidating. Carry pepper spray to increase wellbeing. Avoid getting together with in secluded or dark areas.

If most likely buying or selling things on Your local craigslist ads, you should always meet up with in a community place. This will reduce your likelihood of being robbed or infected. Always ask something or two before making a deal.

Make sure you have your cell phone along. Most purchasers appreciate it. Also, make sure you text them prior to the transaction. This will allow you to end it in the event there are any problems.

Avoid wire transfers and money orders. Cash wires certainly are a popular method of scams. Until you have been processed through security by your mortgage lender or loan company, they are a bad choice suitable for you.

Be wary of foreign thieves. These types of folks are known for applying wire transactions to perform fraud.